We believe that Musikgarten Hawaii’s curricula have no equal.


Our program is expertly planned, executed, and supported. Our teachers are highly trained professionals with classroom and field experience in early childhood music education and child development through the adults music learning. Our parents marvel at the progress of their children, and our students, well, they just seem to love coming to Musikgarten Hawaii.



Aural Emphasis

We emphasize active, thoughtful participation, not entertainment. We emphasize movement, not visual stimulation. Musikgarten is unique in these respects. Research documents that kids today are over-stimulated visually and need purposeful movement and music training now more than ever.


Our founders have been involved in early childhood music education since its beginning as a field of study. Dr. Lorna Lutz Heyge has been developing early childhood music curricula for 30 years, while Audrey Sillick has been training early childhood educators for 40 years.


Musikgarten includes nature as part of the classroom. We believe in the benefits of teaching children to value and respect our natural environment. Even our products and packaging are environmental conscious.


Musikgarten resources reflect the latest research in early childhood development and combine the talents of top authors, musicians and artists to bring a complete and holistic approach to teaching music.


Musikgarten has an impeccable track record. Its teacher educators and staff are known for their integrity and professionalism. Its founders, authors and teacher trainers can be heard speaking at MENC, MTNA, Orff and Suzuki conferences across the globe.