Ever since we started Musikgarten classes my child is more out-going and loves to sing and dance!

Kim H. -


My daughter is becoming more familiar with transposing music in different keys on the piano.


My child has Pervasive Development Disorder and these classes have helped with her processing and listening skills. She enjoys the classes!


We enjoy listening to Musikgarten’s songs at home and doing the activities with our family. Musikgarten Hawaii has helped us to draw closer together as a family.


My son’s language is developing fast and his attention span is longer!


My child’s rhythm is getting a lot better and she sings in a higher register more often.


My son has better intonation and can hear when he’s singing off pitch. It’s amazing to see how he can adjust his voice to the correct sound!


My 3 yr. old child enjoys being the music teacher at home. She’ll say, “Mommy, you echo me.”  Then she’ll do a set of tonal or rhythm patterns that she wants me to copy.