Share our love of music,

and Give back to the community.


Musikgarten Hawaii is commited to inspire our students to give back to our community, and show the magic of sharing the love of music.

Our students will learn to share their talents, time and gifts of music, and they are encouraged to share the things that they are good at and/or are interested in.

Experiencing Musikgarren Hawaii’s special events will reinforce the value of giving back, and the enjoyment that comes with it.

Musikgarten Hawaii is also commited to provide many opportunities throughout the year for our students to experience “performing” their talents.

~ My Big Tiny Little Concert ~ 

~ Showcase of Your Child’s Progress to Your Family ~

at Musikgarten Hawaii’s Waipio Studio

Thank you…

Dear Valued Musikgarten Hawaii Families,

Thank you very much for your continuous support for your child to stay connected to their music education and your encouragement to keep striving in their musical journeys at Musikgarten Hawaii. Since our last Annual Retail in February 2020, we sadly have not been able to hold any recitals/musical community services due to COVID-19. However, during this challenging period of time, your child has grown musically and we are very proud to showcase your child’s talent and growth to you in this big tiny little way. We look forward to be able to hold many more of the delightful Recitals that we always enjoy and to enrich our valuable students in the future. Musikgarten Hawaii truly appreciates your love, and we humbly promise you to keep providing the best music education for your child and dedicate our expertise to flourish your child’s future. 

Musikgarten Hawaii Management

<Winter/Spring 2021 VOICE Lesson Special >

Do you have a DREAM SONG that you always wanted to learn to sing?

Where : Musikgarten Hawaii Waipio Studio

Tuition : $170 for 6 Private Lessons (30 minutes each)

Registration : Email at

Spaces are limited. First come, first served basis.


You will receive the basic musical as well as the vocal training while singing your dream song. Learn to respect the music, all the details in music, how your body works when you sing, and breathing technique to sing better. Build your confidence in singing, and enjoy what you love this summer!