Family Music
For Babies and Toddlers (Group Lessons)

(0-4 year olds)


Bonds the child and parents/caregivers. Introduces playful and educational musical activities.

  • Rhythm/Beats Activities.
  • Simple Music Theories in Fun Games.
  • Singing, Dancing and Creative Movement.
  • Play Various Musical Instruments.
  • Ear Traning and Find Own Voice.
  • Nutures Child’s Ability to Hear and Use Language.
  • Learn Body Coordination and Expression of Feelings.

Teacher plays the role of coach. Parents learn the fun ways to play musically with their babies in arms.


  • Nurtures a Bond of Love and Security.
  • Increases Child’s Curiosity about Music.
  • Develops Child’s Listening Skills and Sense of Flow and Beat through Movement.
  • Develops Further Musical Aptitude, Focused Listening and Self-Expression Skills.
  • Learn to Play and Have Fun with Friends by Interacting with Friends in a Classroom Setting.
  • Builds Skills that Impact All Academic Learning.

Music Makers Little Pianists (Group Lessons)

(5-6 year olds)


PERFECT for Young and First-Time Piano Learners who Want to Share the Love of Music with Friends!

  • Children Explore and Experiment with The World of Music More.
  • These “Learners in Constant Motion” Get to Sing, Chant, Move, Dance, Listen and Of Course Learn How to Read/Write Music Notes Both Aurally and Visually and How to Play Favorite Songs on The Piano.
  • Enhanced Ear Training.
  • Establishing Fundamental Musical Skills for Successful Piano Journey.
  • Develops Comprehensive Musicianship.
  • Learn to Work with Friends by Ensemble Play.


  • Channels Children’s Musical Energy and Curiosity into Productively in Group Setting.
  • Facilitates Expression of Feelings in Music.
  • Develops Listening Skills, Focused Attention and Self-Expression Skills.
  • Establishes Foundation for Music Literacy and Further Musical Aptitude.
  • Builds Self-Discipline and Social Skills through Ensemble Development.
  • Builds Skills that Impact All Academic Learning.
  • Foster Excitement and Pride in Making Music both Independent and Group Involvement.
  • Enhances Musicianship and Continues to Build Foundation for Life-Long Love of Music and Instrument Playing.

Group Piano Lessons

(5 year olds and up)


Musical Celebration with Friends Every Week!

  • Focused Writing/Reading Music Notes, Music Literacy and Theories.
  • Capitalizes on Each Child’s Delight/Talent and Share It with Friends in Class in the Musical Context.
  • Ensemble Work with Fiends by Learning Self-Discipline, Building Listening Skills and Musicality.
  • Develops Comprehensive Musicianship.
  • Helps and Motivates Each Other to Learn and Grow Together with Friends Musically.
  • Leaning Scales/Chords, Classical Pieces, Popular Songs, Jazz/Blues, Rock’s Roll, and Exploration of Improvisations for Children to Create Their Own Music and Share to Enjoy It and Appreciate It in Class.


  • Develops Confidence in Playing for Others by Weekly Performing Opportunities!
  • Develops Listening, Focused Attention and Self-Expression Skills.
  • Develops Concentration by Maintaining One’s Own Parts While Hearing Others Play by Ensemble Work and Orchestration.
  • Allows Children to Broaden the Musical Experiences by Improvisation, Arranging and Composing Together.
  • Exposes Children to Variety of Music.
  • Provides a Friendly and Encouraging Atmosphere that Grows a Sense of “Group Spirit” that Increases Motivation.
  • Fun Music Activities and Theory Learning that are FUN to Experience with Others.

Private Piano Lessons

(5 year olds to Adults)


Completely CUSTOMIZED Lessons For First-Time Piano Learners to Advanced Piano Players.

  • Mastering Reading Music Notes and Improves Sight-Reading Skills.
  • Learn Scales and Chords, Musical Structures, Improvisation and Arrangements.
  • Establishes the Solid Fundamental Musical Skills.
  • Introduces Variety of Music Genres.


  • Establishes Foundation for Music Literacy.
  • Builds Self-Discipline and Achieving Goals.
  • Builds Skills that Impact All Academic Learning.
  • Personalized One-On-one Attention that the Instructors can tailor the lesson concepts and the speed of each lesson according to the capabilities of the students.
  • Easier to Schedule and/or Reschedule.
  • Students Can Pick/Bring Songs that He/She Wants to Learn How to Play on the Piano.

Private Vocal Lessons

(5 year olds and Up)


Fully CUSTOMIZED lesson for First-Time Singers to Adults Singers.

  • Basic Vocal Trainings, Ear Training, Scales and Chords.
  • Explore the Music of Variety of Genres.
  • Learn How to Take Care of and Develop Own Voice with Clarity.
  • Help Achieve a Finer Grasp of a Musical Style, Apt Performance Techniques, Focus, Proper Articulation and Delivery.
  • Increase Vocal Range, Learn to Project Your Voice and How to Use Proper Breath Support.


  • Builds Self-Confidence and Learn How to Present Yourself.
  • Advances Listening Skills, Understanding the Connection of Voice and Own Body as well as Music Literacy.
  • Accentuates Symbolic Thinking, Concentration, Memory and Self-Expression.
  • Find Yourself by Developing Your Sound Along with Conveying the Emotion of the Song through Your Voice.

Choir & Group Vocal Lessons

1) Children: 6-9 year olds / 10 years and up

2) Teens/Young Adults

3) Adults


Fun and Musically Educational Vocal Ensemble.

  • Basic Vocal Trainings and Development of Musicality Together with Others.
  • Features a Variety of Songs which Lay the Foundation of the Understanding of Voice.
  • Builds on Songs Students Have Come to Love.
  • Aural Approach to Music Literacy Provides a Natural Pathway to the Success to Vocal Expressions .
  • Approaches Music Reading Both Aurally and Visually.
  • Music is for EVERYONE! You Don’t Need to be able to Read Music Notes or to Have any Music Experiences to Join us!


  • Working Together Towards a Common Goal is Incredibly Rewarding!
  • Builds Concentration to Always Pay Attention to the Conductor.
  • Learn about Respect for the Conductor, for the Music, for the Other People in the Choir and for Your Own Body
  • Fosters Excitement and Pride in Making Music Both Independently and with Others.
  • Maintains Holistic Approach to Music Learning.
  • Strengthen Feelings of Togetherness and Social Well-Being.
  • Relieves Stress and Helps Mental Health and Mood.
  • Improves Speaking Abilities.

Studio Rental

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  • Reasonable Pricing.
  • Safe, Clean and Bright Atmosphere.
  • Easy to Book and Schedule with Friendly Staff.