We teach The Love of Music…

~ Your Musical Journey from Babies’ Music & Movement Class through Adults’ Piano Lessons… ~

The preeminent early childhood music education program designed to teach music to children in a family setting through an amazing journey to learning to appreciate and enjoy music in our adults’ lessons.

The Musikgarten program is the most pedagogically sound available, covering children from babies to adults – a complete bridge from early childhood music education to piano lessons for adults. The curricula are uniquely effective because they are designed learning sequences that repeat and build patterns to continually reinforce and stimulate our students.

Each of Musikgarten’s courses stands on its own and fits the developmental needs of each child. While students enjoy their lessons more than ever, you will be able to see them progress during the wonderful musical journey that Musikgarten Hawaii offers. To share and teach the LOVE of MUSIC is as valuable to any children as it is to their parents. Musikgarten Hawaii is proud that our instructors, each student and their families have bonded in a way of becoming a special family that we celebrate the growth, progress and success of each child together for more than a decade.

We believe that a child’s most important teacher is his or her parent and therefore, we encourage and welcome parents to participate in their child’s learning. We sincerely value our open communications between the instructors and the parents to benefit each child’s music education at Musikgarten Hawaii.

Musikgarten Hawaii supports making music education available for anyone, from Babies to Adults. We believe that from birth, children love music, and it’s never too late to start/learn the way to use flash loans how to play the piano. We help our students channel their energy and focus their attention as they embrace music and enjoy learning.

Join us today for Musikgarten Hawaii’s educational, fun and purposeful classes!